I was born a poor black child

I was Born a Poor Black Child – Quotes from The Jerk

I was Born a Poor Black Child – Quotes from The Jerk

I was born a poor black child is easily the best Jerk Quotes.

First, let’s stipulate the the movie has some racially insensitive parts. And a white guy saying that “I was born a poor black child” normally would be out of bounds. But somehow Steve Martin, as Navin Johnson, pulls it off.

The quote is from the beginning of the movie as Navin tries to explain how he is impoverished. The Jerk is billed as a Rags to Riches to Rags story and includes a dog named shithead. Honestly, it’s hard to imagine a better comic performance.

Other great quotes from the Movie include “He Hates Those Cans”. The scene is when the crazy gunman is trying to shoot Navin, misses & keep hitting  the cans. “Random Son of a Bitch” the shooter repeats.

Here’s some other priceless gems from the movie.

“Lord loves a workin’ man; don’t trust whitey; see a doctor and get rid of it.”

Navin Johnson: For one dollar I’ll guess your weight, your height, or your sex.

Navin Johnson: He hates these cans!

Navin Johnson: You mean I’m going to stay this color??

“- Navin: Are you a model?
– Marie: No. I’m a cosmetologist.
– Navin: Really? A cosmetologist? That’s unbelievable. That’s impressive. Must be tough handling the weightlessness.”

Bank Manager: I will need two pieces of identification.
– Navin: Ah yes. I have my temporary driver’s license and my astronaut application form… I didn’t pass that though, I failed everything but the date of birth.”

Finally, let’s go back to the best quote. I was born black child. Honestly, comedy doesn’t get much better. Carl Reiner directed The jerk and he knows how to get the best laughs out of his actors.



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