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Picard Quotes – As In Jean Luc Picard

Picard Quotes – As In Jean Luc Picard

Here are some great Picard quotes from Jean Luc himself. Star Trek the Next Generation might have been the best of the Star Trek series. It was great because of Jean Luc (Patrick Stewart). he had a great support cast but Jean Luc was clearly the star of the show.

So, here’s a few interesting quotes from Star Trek.

First, for me is he great quote. “Engage”.

This might be one of the best sayings in the entire Star Trek series. It’s simple, and tells you a great deal at the same time. By the use of the simple phrase “engage” Captain Picard is letting everyone know that he is in charge of the ship.

Here’s the next one from the Captain of the StarShip Enterprise.

You cannot explain away a wantonly immoral act because you think that it is connected to some higher purpose.

Wow – this one kinda seems important now, in today’s environment. I think he is basically saying that the ends to not justify the means.

The acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force of our lives. We work to better ourselves and the rest of humanity.

I don’t remember which episode this is from, but it’s great. Humans have moved past the idea that money is all powerful. We’re trying to improve humanity & ourselves – great stuff.

Things are only impossible until they are not

Jean luc is clearly a glass half full kinda guy. Every show they are trying to figure out an impossible situation – and ultimately they do figure it out.

The only person you’re truly competing against is yourself

This is true in the current time as well as in the future.

We have to end with the best Picard quote. His signature line of “Make it so”. He used this effortlessly to describe movements of the ship as well as movements of the crew.

So Thanks Jean Luc for the great quotes we’ve listed. It’s been a heck of a ride on the StarShip Enterprise.

So kick back, have a beer, and salute the Captain and the Crew.

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