Bradbury quotes

Ray Bradbury Quotes

Ray Bradbury quotes, like most authors are thought provoking and interesting. I think science fiction author in particular are very quotable.

Bradbury’s most well known novel is probably Fahrenheit 451. Although he had a number of other novels as well as some collections of short stories that I can recommend.

The Illustrated Man fits well with todays culture as the lead character has several tattoos. The tattoos are the illustrations in the title.

As for short story collection The Martian Chronicles is his best known work. Although, I preferred Something Wicked This Way Comes. 

Ok, so here are the top Ray Bradbury Quotes.

Top Ray Bradbury Quotes


  1. “You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.” – Ray Bradbury
  2. There is more than one way to burn a book. And the world is full of people running about with lit matches.” 

Although these quotes were written in the 1950’s, they are just as relevant today. Yes, even in 2021, certain states (I’m looking at you Texas, and you Floriduh) are talking about book burnings and removing books from libraries. 

3. Don’t think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It’s self-conscious and anything self-conscious is lousy. You can’t “try” to do things. You simply “must” do things.

Think less – do more. It the best way to summarize this quote. Also on this same note.

4. You can’t try to do things. You simply must do things. Ray Bradbury

5. Anything you dream is fiction, and anything you accomplish is science, the whole history of mankind is nothing but science fiction.” – Ray Bradbury

6. “I have two rules in life – to hell with it, whatever it is, and get your work done.” – Ray Bradbury

Sorta reminds you of the small things concept. Don’t sweat the small things and everything is a small thing. 

7. “The minute you get a religion you stop thinking. Believe in one thing too much and you have no room for new ideas.” – Ray Bradbury

8.  “Ideas excite me, and as soon as I get excited, the adrenaline gets going and the next thing I know I’m borrowing energy from the ideas themselves.” – Ray Bradbury

 9. “I have never listened to anyone who criticized my taste in space travel, sideshows or gorillas. When this occurs, I pack up my dinosaurs and leave the room.” – Ray Bradbury

I hope you liked my favorite Bradbury quotes. 

That’s all for now. Come back soon for some more great quotes. 







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