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Stork Quotes About Birthdays – Storks

Stork Quotes About Birthdays – Storks

Here’s a few interesting stork quotes about birthdays. Actually, about being born so the literal “birthday”.

For as long as can be remembered, storks delivered babies. From their perch on Stork Mountain, it was an honor and a privilege to serve. It was our duty, our core belief, the driving force behind our very life blood. It wasn’t always easy. This was our challenge. This was our sacred duty. No matter how tough or impossible or brutal or harsh or inhumane or savage, we would triumph over adversity.

“Thank goodness we don’t do that anymore.”

I couldn’t find a source for this quote, but it’s interesting because its from the stork’s perspective.

While saying that the stork delivered the baby has fallen out of favor. It is still part of our collective history. Any movie from the 50’s and 60’s will surely use this reference.

Of course, I’m not sure how any of those couple got pregnant as they all slept in separate beds (LOL).

Look out for Mr. Stork, that persevering chap.
He’ll come along and drop a bundle in your lap.
You may be poor or rich. It doesn’t matter which;
Millionaires, they get theirs, like the butcher and the baker,

So, look out for Mr. Stork. And let me tell you, friend:
Don’t try to get away; he’ll find you in the end.
He’ll spot you out in China, or he’ll fly to County Cork,
So, you’d better look out for Mr. Stork!

Look out for Mr. Stork. He’s got you on his list.
And when he comes around, it’s useless to resist.
Remember those quintuplets and the Woman in the Shoe?
Maybe he’s got his eye on you.

This one is from Dumbo, the flying elephant. If you take the time to read it, it’s actually pretty good.

Look out for that stork – he’ll show up in all places.


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